OXDOG’s innovative diamond collection. The perfect combination of new technology and functional performance that will make you perform on a higher level.

PowerRibs on the top of the racket for maximal power and balance. DSH improves the playability outside the sweetspot. RBS with two removable stainless weights that makes it possible to customize the balance of the racket.

Vibradamp fiber in the middle of the handle to absorb vibrations, four silicon inserts (removable) for extra protection from vibrations and a two layer-construction with PU-top layer for best tackiness, embossed surface for maximum grip and perforation for sweat absortion. The Vibradamp reduces stress on your wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

HES-Carbon that reacts faster and transfers energy into speed/power and also increases the durability of the racket.

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Ultimate Pro+ Hes-Carbon Racket

The ULTIMATE PRO+ HES-Carbon, diamond is ideal for attacking players. This racket is part of Oxdog's innovative diamond format collection. It is the perfect combination of technology and functional...


Ultimate match Racket

The diamond-shaped Oxdog Ultimate Match racket is the perfect combination of technology and functional performance. It takes your game to the next level. The PowerRibs, in combination with the...


Oxdog Ultimate Court Raquet

The Oxdog Ultimate Court racket is perfect for players who want to get started in the world of padel. The Ultimate Court features fibreglass for greater control when striking the ball. DSH, with...