OXDOG’s unique drop shaped racket collection! Well balanced rackets that will help you in the defensive as well as the offensive game. PowerRibs in mid position enlarges the playing surface and increases power.

The DHS pattern increases balance and spin as well as improves the playability outside the sweet spot. RBS makes it possible to customize the balance of the racket. HES-Carbon that reacts faster, transfers energy into speed/power and increases the durability.

Vibradamp fiber in the middle of the handle to absorb vibrations, four silicon inserts (removable) for extra protection from vibrations and a two layer-construction with PU-top layer for best tackiness, embossed surface for maximum grip and perforation for sweat absortion. The Vibradamp reduces stress on your wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

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Hyper Pro 2.0

HYPER PRO 2.0: If the perfect hybrid racket exists, we're sure it looks a lot like this one. A teardrop-shaped racket, high balance, medium-hard touch to unleash all your potential both at the net...


Hyper Tour 2.0

HYPER TOUR 2.0: A hybrid racket characterized by comfort. Designed for players seeking maximum versatility: Teardrop shape, medium balance and touch. Its design stands out for its elegance thanks...

  • -€40.00

Hyper Tour 2023

HYPER TOUR 2023: A very balanced tear-shaped racket that will assist you both in attack and defense.It features all the Oxdog technologies, common in most of our rackets: - DSH (Double Size Holes):...

€125.29 €165.29

Hyper Match 2.0

HYPER MATCH 2024: A racket that provides the softest touch within the range. Designed for players looking to have an extra point of control but who feel comfortable with a hybrid racket: Teardrop...

  • -€105.00
  • Cooming soon

Hyper Match 2023

HYPER MATCH 2023: The hardest touch within the Hyper range. It will assist you in attack and defense. It features all the Oxdog technologies, common in most of our rackets: - DSH (Double Size...

€43.76 €148.76