OXDOG’s first padel collection clearly shows why we decided to go into padel.

The collection and the products consist of new innovations and a new way of thinking that separates us from other brands. Extensive knowledge and experience in technical products/materials, game improving features and top-notch details are what makes OXDOG products special. Every detail is designed to improve and help your game. The products in the collection are suitable for players at any level, both on and off the court.

Work continues... Others will follow!

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Ultimate Pro+ Hes-Carbon Racket

The ULTIMATE PRO+ HES-Carbon, diamond is ideal for attacking players. This racket is part of Oxdog's innovative diamond format collection. It is the perfect combination of technology and functional...

  • -€100.00

Sense Pro Hes-Carbon Racket

The Sense Pro Hes-Carbon racket is designed for intermediate and advanced players with a penchant for rounded control and extra power.  Oxdog's unique round-shaped models combine control and power....

€106.61 €206.61
  • -€80.00

Sense Tour Hes-Carbon Racket

 The Sense Tour Hes-Carbon racket with round format is suitable for both beginners and experienced players, has very good balance and works very well for defensive play. It incorporates Poweribs in...

€85.29 €165.29
  • Cooming soon

Hyper Tour Hes-Carbon racket

The Hyper Tour Hes-Carbon racket will help you in both attack and defence, with the renewed Poweribs technology in the middle of the racket that enlarges the playing surface and increases power....

  • -€40.00

Ultimate match Racket

The diamond-shaped Oxdog Ultimate Match racket is the perfect combination of technology and functional performance. It takes your game to the next level. The PowerRibs, in combination with the...

€125.29 €165.29
  • -€72.00

Hyper Match Carbon Racket

The Hyper Match Carbon racket will help you in both attack and defence. This racket incorporates the renewed Poweribs technology in the middle of the racket to enlarge the playing surface and...

€76.76 €148.76
  • -€60.00

Sense Match Racket

The Sense Match racket is a round-shaped racket that combines control and power. The round shape provides balance and control and is perfectly suited to defensive players.  The Sense Match is...

€63.97 €123.97

Oxdog Ultimate Court Raquet

The Oxdog Ultimate Court racket is perfect for players who want to get started in the world of padel. The Ultimate Court features fibreglass for greater control when striking the ball. DSH, with...