The brand started in 2011 when a group of friends who had worked together for a long time in Floorball sport had a dream to create the most innovative Floorball brand on the market.  

They knew that a new brand could survive and have a long life if they created something totally new and did things differently.

Through extensive research into the technology applicable to the sport, Oxdog came to market with the SBS (Stick Balance System), the world's first and only one-piece stick. This first stick included Rotor ball, the world's first and only CPB: carbon part in the blade, HES: high energy shaft and ART for goalkeepers. Highly technical details have been a trademark of Oxdog all these years.

Oxdog is a Swedish/Finnish brand and a leader in Floorball innovations and also the biggest Floorball brand on social media.

In 2022 they enter the paddleball market. Through several years of research and development and a long history in the Floorball world, they launch their first paddle collection.

The knowledge and experience in the manufacture of technical products/materials has allowed them to create a collection for any type of player.

Improve your performance!