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Ultimate Pro+ 2024

ULTIMATE PRO+ 2024: The most chosen racket among our professional players. Its features are designed to unleash your full attacking potential: Diamond shape, high balance, and hard touch. However,...


Ultimate Pro 2024

ULTIMATE PRO 2024: A versatile racket with a diamond shape, medium-hard touch, and high balance. These features are complemented by a design and color combination that captures all eyes on the...

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Ultimate Pro Light 2024

ULTIMATE PRO LIGHT 2024: A racket capable of defying the laws of physics. If what you value most in a racket is maneuverability, and you like to move your racket at high speed, this is your choice....


Classics - Ultimate Pro+ 2023

CLASSICS - ULTIMATE PRO+: Thanks to its diamond shape, it is ideal for offensive players. A racket that brings out your maximum power without sacrificing comfort. With high balance and hard touch,...

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Hyper Pro 2.0

HYPER PRO 2.0: If the perfect hybrid racket exists, we're sure it looks a lot like this one. A teardrop-shaped racket, high balance, medium-hard touch to unleash all your potential both at the net...

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Ultimate Pro 2023

ULTIMATE PRO 2023: Diamond-shaped racket. Medium balance for better manoeuvrability. It features all the Oxdog technologies, common in most of our rackets:- DSH (Double Size Holes): A perforation...

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Sense Pro 2024

SENSE PRO 2024: We can consider it a round racket but that has the necessary tools to contribute to offensive play and finishing. The round shape provides reliability in defense, but its...

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Ultimate Tour 2024

ULTIMATE TOUR 2024: Its characteristics make it very easy for you from the first hit. It has a medium touch and balance that offer the player magnificent control in defensive play, but its diamond...

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Hyper Tour 2.0

HYPER TOUR 2.0: A hybrid racket characterized by comfort. Designed for players seeking maximum versatility: Teardrop shape, medium balance and touch. Its design stands out for its elegance thanks...

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Ultimate Tour 2023

ULTIMATE TOUR 2023: Diamond shape. Stands out for its balance between control and power. A racket designed for advanced-level players. It features all the Oxdog technologies, common in most of our...

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Sense Tour 2024

SENSE TOUR 2024: The option within the Sense range for players who enjoy defending and controlling the game from the back of the court.A round racket that moves at great speed and allows you to hit...

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Sense Tour 2023

Sense Tour 2023: Round and balanced. A racket with great control and easy adaptability. Ideal for players who focus their game on good defense. It features all the Oxdog technologies, common in...

€81.82 €181.82
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Ultimate Match 2024

ULTIMATE MATCH 2024: The option within the Ultimate range for those players who enjoy a softer touch. It will help you with control and the backcourt from the first moment, but it is not without...

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Hyper Tour 2023

HYPER TOUR 2023: A very balanced tear-shaped racket that will assist you both in attack and defense.It features all the Oxdog technologies, common in most of our rackets: - DSH (Double Size Holes):...

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Ultimate Match 2023

ULTIMATE MATCH 2023: Its soft touch makes it very easy to play and push the ball with little effort. However, the combination of this rubber with the diamond shape makes it a very dangerous racket...

€125.29 €165.29
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Hyper Match 2.0

HYPER MATCH 2024: A racket that provides the softest touch within the range. Designed for players looking to have an extra point of control but who feel comfortable with a hybrid racket: Teardrop...

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Opti Overgrip x100

Pack of 100 grips (25 x 1100 x 0.6 mm). Made with high-quality materials that enhance grip and durability. Provides a pleasant feel. Great moisture absorption and quick drying.

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Hyper Match 2023

HYPER MATCH 2023: The hardest touch within the Hyper range. It will assist you in attack and defense. It features all the Oxdog technologies, common in most of our rackets: - DSH (Double Size...

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Sense Match 2023

SENSE MATCH 2023: Round, balanced, and very easy to use. Designed for both beginner and intermediate level players.It features the following Oxdog technologies: - DSH (Double Size Holes): A...

€63.97 €123.97

Sense Light Match 2024

SENSE MATCH LIGHT 2024: A racket with guarantees for those players who are starting in the sport and even for the youngest ones thanks to its round shape and 345 grams of weight. It has a wide...


Ultimate Court 2024

ULTIMATE COURT 2024: Due to its price, it may seem like a racket for beginners or casual players. However, it offers all the features necessary for players of all levels to develop their game with...

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Oxdog (pack x 24) Balls

Oxdog ball pack. Three ball canister. Premium Oxdog balls with a pressurized rubber core and long lasting felt. The box of 24 tubes of balls provides great control for all levels of play. 

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Ultimate Court 2023

ULTIMATE COURT 2023: Although it is the most affordable racket in the collection, we assure you that its power and touch will not leave you indifferent. A highly recommended option if you like the...

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blue Fénix coat

Fenix coat in blue. A quilted jacket that will keep you warm in the coldest weather. Additional zip pullers included in blue, red and yellow. 100% polyester


Black Fenix coat

Fenix coat in black. A quilted jacket that will keep you warm in the coldest weather. Additional zip pullers included in blue, red and yellow. 100% polyester


Box Backpack Black

Box backpack black colour. Easy to use, multiple pockets to divide accessories easily. Also includes a smaller bag for shoes or textiles.  Volume 37L.


Paddle net cover

9.92 x 0.27 meters net cover made of 510 g PVC (13.5 cm on each side). With metal eyelets and extra reinforcement every 100 cm. Cable ties are not included.


Perform hood

Perform sweatshirt with hood and central pocket. Inside pocket has an additional compartment for small accessories. 64 % viscose, 30 % polyester, 6 % spandex


Milano Light Vest

Lightweight Milano black waistcoat with printed zip. A quilted waistcoat that stands out for its elegance and comfort.  100% nylon + polyester padding. 


Laguna Jacket

Laguna jacket in black with printed zip. The jacket, made of 100% polyester, offers a pleasant feel. A coat suitable for colder situations. 


OX3 Duffelbag

This backpack / bag has several very useful compartments, which you can insert clothes, shoes... perfect as a travel and training companion. Volume 47L.


Speed pants

Stretch Speed trousers with zipped pockets on both sides. The garment has a breathable mesh insert at the back.  95% polyester and 5% elastane. 


Coach Backpack

The Coach backpack integrates among its many compartments a special compartment for carrying your computer. The backpack is equipped with top handles.